Focus is the ability to do what we have planned or what is needed regardless of other things happening around us.

If we lose focus, every outcome is possible.
Response to the next questions and act to be more focused:


1. Do you focus when doing activities you don’t like?

2. What specifically do you do to improve your focus?

3. Have you determined what affects the weakening of your focus during the action?

4. Do you agree that the lack of focus on the planned activity is our intention to enter the comfort zone?

5. Are you aware of how the disturbing of others prevents us from focusing on what we want/need?

6. Do you need to seek help from others to gain the ability to focus?


1. Answer the questions.

2. Determine what reduces your focus on action.

3. Remove identified distractions one by one.


Lack of focus is one of the main reasons why our results are less than our potential, needs and desires.
Having the necessary focus is a priority in an individual’s actions in order to achieve the planned (desired) results.
Having focus means doing the activities that are most important to us.
Lack of focus produces improvisation during actions.