Every success does (enables) something special to differentiate it from the average.

It is not difficult to determine how management competencies are needed for success.

Of course, this does not mean success that is the result of luck, illicit activities, or events beyond our control.

Management competencies include planning, organizing, leading, human resources management, control, and improvements.

When you answer the following questions, it is clear why management competencies are indispensable for continuous and systematic success.

1. Do I need to plan?

2. Do I need to get organized?

3. Do I need to make decisions?

4. Should I act together with others?

5. Should I control the implementation?

6. Do I need to improve things?

If the answer to either is “NO”, you do not need to have management competencies.

But from the questions – everything is clear.

Any individual who wants to succeed needs all six (6) management competencies.


– Each competence consists of three (3) components: Knowledge, skills, and behaviours (having information, being able to do and doing when necessary).

– Distinguish technological competencies (profession) from management competencies (action).

– The lack of management competencies is the main cause of crises.

– Management competencies are universal for everyone.

– There are no naturally talented individuals who are experts in management competencies.

– Management competencies must be learned and applied daily in practice.


Success is the desire of every individual, regardless of what they are doing and what their current state is.
When we know what we lack in order to be successful and when we acquire it – action becomes routine.
Do you have all that it takes to succeed?