Incentive sentences can be a very useful driver for changes.

Here are some sentences which can drive us to action:

1. Don’t start with the meeting if the preparation is not appropriate.

2. Changes are possible if we want to leave our current comfort zone.

3. Defining a new leadership paradigm is a starting point for (future) good leadership.

4. Do you know your missing competencies (knowledge, skills, and behaviours)?

5. Don’t allow useless meetings because meetings must produce appropriate decisions.

6. Don’t produce bad interpersonal relationships with ineffective meetings!

7. If we exclude improvisation and don’t allow unfinished tasks, there is no objective reason for not achieving the desired goals.

8. Improvisation is the biggest enemy of success.

9. Do you allow unfinished tasks?

10. Keep in mind: Every improvisation gives results which are far less than potentials, needs and wishes.

11. Life is simple until it’s complicated with improvisation.

12. Make an action plan to solve that problem.

13. Meeting with yourself is the most important meeting.

14. What can’t measure can’t be managed.

15. A written plan of action is unavoidable if we want to remove the cause of dissatisfaction.


1. Analyse given sentences
2. make a plan for necessary actions
3. Act
4. Celebrate achievements
5. Follow-up


Don’t only read – implement contents to reach maxima: Work less and achieve more!
Only actions can realise our planned (desired) goals.