Avoiding asking ourselves questions is a sure sign that we do not want to succeed in life and business.

No question: No answer – no action – no achievements.

Here are some questions which we must answer:

1. Do I have a list of all my bad habits?

2. Do I regularly solve my problems?

3. How long shall I postpone my most important activity?

4. Am I sure that I don’t need a mentor?

5. Can I explain why I don’t plan regularly?

6. Shall I attain the necessary competencies in meeting management?

7. Why have I not a professional career plan?

8. Is it rational for me that I still don’t know how to solve problems effectively?

9. Do I know how to exclude improvisation in my actions?

10. Do I have an objective reason for not delegating enough?


1. Add your questions to the list.

2. Answer the given/added questions.

3. According to your answers, make an action plan.

4. Act.

5. Enjoy success.


Regularly ask yourself important questions which will boost you to necessary activities.
Questions are drivers for changes and use them continually and systematically.