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MUE - Model of Universal Excellence

Content for achieving excellence in personal and professional career and successfully managing togethernesses (groups, organisations and communities): Leadership, effective meetings, creativity, career, problem-solving…


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Open regularly this page to attain new competencies (knowledge, skills and behaviours) about effective meetings.

14 – 17.04.2021.

To lead/taking part in the meeting is an opportunity for personal branding.

13 – 16.04.2021.

Every meeting is an opportunity for success.

12 – 15.04.2021.

 Don’t allow that any meeting to lasts longer than ninety (90) minutes.

11 – 14.04.2021.

Any effort to make meetings continuously and systematically more efficient, shorter, and less frequent is a winning strategy to achieve excellence (desired goals) with results that outweigh other investments in change.

10 – 13.04.2021.

Don’t allow ineffective meetings!
They will destroy your opportunity for success.
Keywords: Destroy opportinity for success

9 – 12.04.2021.

Any encounter is an opportunity for success if I become an expert for effective meetings.
Keywords: Expert for effecrive meetings

8 – 11.04.2021.

Every ineffective meeting is a source of numerous problems which are totally unnecessary.
Keywords: Ineffective meetings

7 – 10.04.2021.

Any random encounter can be an effective meeting if we learn how.
Keywords: Random encounter

6 – 09.04.2021.

Do you have a sense of how much your company is losing out with inefficient meetings?
Keywords: Cost of ineffective meetings

5 – 08.04.2021.

Meetings are an ideal testing ground for applying the principle of nonlinearity (low consumption of resources – large results) because the introduction of a single element of effective meetings achieves leap results in business.
Keywords: Principle of nonlinearity

4 – 07.04.2021.

Resistance to improvements of the meeting is one of the major resistances to change.
Keywords: Resistance to improvements of the meeting

3 – 06.04.2021.

The priority activity for implementing continuous effective meetings is to raise awareness of individuals in meetings’ key role in individuals’ development and all forms of togetherness (groups, organisations and communities).
Keywords: to raise awareness

2 – 05.04.2021.

The main role of meetings is decision-making.
Keyword: Decision-making

1 – 04.04.2021.

Any absence of the necessary competencies (knowledge, skills and behaviours) in the area of meetings results in improvisation.
Be aware: Improvisation gives results that are far less than potentials, needs and wishes.
Keyword: improvisation

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