Being late means deciding that the planned (desired) goals are not achieved in an optimal way (with the least expenditure of resources).

  • Delay is the biggest cause of problems.
  • Delays generate a decrease in productivity.

Here are some questions about delays:

1. Do you determine your delays?

2. Do you immediately set a new deadline for implementation when you notice a delay?

3. Do you recognize delays in others?

4. Can you imagine the damage caused by the delay?

5. Does it make sense to allow frequent delays?

6. Are you satisfied with how you respect the deadlines?


1. Analyze the given sentences.

2. Act appropriately according to your answer.

3. Do not postpone necessary activities!

4. Enjoy your achievements!


Any delay does damage.
Control deadlines for implementation and thus prevent delays.
Any delay jeopardizes the set (desired) goals.
Don’t delay!